City of Rogers Cemetery Database

The online database now contains any and all information that we have for the Rogers cemetery and now includes records from over 70 cemeteries in Benton and Washington Counties!

The database now includes:

Last Name Only

In order to assist you in finding your loved one, we have created this search tool. In the space above, just type in the Surname (at least two letters of the last name) of the individual you are looking for and click on "submit" in order to see a list of all the matching records that exist in our current database.

Search Suggestions
  1. The Search Feature and the information in the database is not case sensitive.
  2. Surnames with spaces or gaps such as "Van Morrison" or "Le Roque," search both with and without the gap. Sometimes grave marker inscriptions are unclear or inscriber has limited space on the marker. We have seen inscription variations within obvious family groups. Search both ways.
  3. Hyphenated name, such as "Jennings-Smith" are entered into the database as they are on the marker. Search both with and without the hyphen. Also search both names. You never know what name will actually end up on a marker.
  4. Nicknames: When you launch a surname search and are browsing the list, watch out for those nicknames.

Search Results